Litigation involves a large set of people requiring mutual access to critical case documents and transcripts; in situations such as class actions, multi-party, multi-district litigation or joint defense groups. Managing huge collections of documentation manually, during litigation processes can be a very cumbersome task. The combination of powerful searches and document management tools can radically simply and expedite case document access and retrieval. A one-step fast,easy-to-work solution for managing litigation matters involving small or large data collections is the optimum way to meet the challenges of litigation management. Digital Library - Litigation Management Solution In today's business environment, electronic document management is critical to a company's productivity. Digital Library appears as a state-of-the-art technology used to increase efficiency and decrease the cost of prevailing document management activities.

Digital Library can help users review, share, search, publish, and organize litigation documents online. It provides the functionality to manage document revisions through checkout and check-in library functionality.It provides a flexible document numbering system that can be easily customized to suit users' preferences


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