“Informatic360 has been a great partner for us. They exactly understand what we need and always develop solutions that help us achieve greater success. Informatics360Tech has delivered great value with their software products. Informatics360 projects are never 'typical' and always well thought out to accelerate our business processes."
Steve Poore

"Informatic360 have been partners with us from the very beginning throughout every stage of our site development from Analysis, Design and Programming. A one-stop IT company, and an essential component of our business."

"Informatics360's best feature, for me, has always been their "team-development" approach to every software project and their true professionalism. All aspects of development were always handled with care and consideration. Informatics360's knowledgeable and professional staff leaded me through each step of program evolution and always kept my objectives in mind."
Susan Reuter

"Informatics360's people are very good. They never rush into anything. Thoughtful behaviour is what I like the most in their work. Their response time is amazing. It seems they're always there to help and advise. Updates/changes are never a problem. They're the most considerate guys out there. When a company works on a project as if it is their own, you know they care. They offer much more than value for money. I wouldn't work with anyone else and I would recommend them to the world! No project is too big or too small. I cannot imagine working with anyone else. They helped me out at a very difficult and personal time, for which I will always be grateful. They are number one! Thanks a million guys."
Mark Jefferson


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Informatic 360 is using the latest development tools and technologies that exist on the market today. It helps to find the best way of solving a particular task and it, in turn, allows to solve a particular task with lower costs.

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